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Tideline 365 Offshore

Tideline 365 Offshore

Designed by renowned naval architect Robert Ullberg, the Tideline 365 Offshore combines the aesthetics, beauty, and lines of a custom built offshore sportfishing boat with the superior performance, sea worthiness, speed, and fuel efficiency of the top offshore catamarans on the market today.
The North Carolina coast is home to some of the roughest sea conditions on the planet and as a result, the boat building industry in this area is known for producing some of the toughest, most seaworthy boats in the world.

Built by craftsmen, the Tideline 365 is constructed using a vacuum infusion process that incorporates only the highest quality materials, hardware, and resin. 100% composite, Tideline Boats are built to be tougher than the seas in which they fish, a quality that is very apparent when piloting these boats through the nastiest sea conditions.

Each Tideline 365 Offshore is built to order and sold directly from the factory. The current lead time for a new 365 is approximately 12 months from the date the order is placed.

Though the quality and toughness of the Tideline 365 are second to none, it’s the comfort of the ride in less-than-ideal conditions that truly sets these boats apart from other boats in their size class. The ride is exceptional, but don’t take our word for it. Experience the difference for yourself!

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